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Serensoft serves Colleges and Universities like yours -- our goal is to help you maximize your IT investment:

  • Our rigorous assessment process (our "Providence Methodology") helps us assess your workflow and technology concerns
  • Administrative: We can help you with your institution-wide ERP/SIS system
    • We can help you with ERP evaluation and ERP selection
      • Our staff acts as a buffer between you and vendors when selecting a new system
      • We're objective and evaluate strengths and weaknesses based on your criteria
      • We're experienced in change management and in getting stakeholders like yours to communicate
      • Switching to a more modern ERP system can save your campus lots of money
    • We can implement your new SIS
    • We'll customize it -- input screens, reports, workflow
    • We'll train your staff, with customized documentation
    • We support your users
  • Academic: We can implement and customize and support an institution-wide Collaborative Learning Environment (Learning Management System)
    • We are a Sakai Commercial Affiliate
    • We believe in open source, so instead of paying for license fees you can pour those resources into customization, training and support
    • We'll customize skins for your campus, department, courses
    • We'll develop customized electronic portfolios
      • OSPortfolio (part of Sakai) excels at assessment portfolios
      • Mahara is great for self-expression portfolios
  • From outsourcing your entire IT support to us, to arranging for small projects one at a time, and everything in-between, Serensoft can help!

This FAQ.SERENSOFT.COM website is where Serensoft's Higher-Education friends can come to get their questions answered. Feel free to browse through the existing answers, search using key words or if you don't find the information you're looking for, please post a question of your own.

Hope this web site proves useful to you!

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