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Making sure Excel or Acrobat can open your ReportNet reports

When you first run a report in ReportNet, you're looking at HTML by default, which is what drives just about every web page you've ever seen. To get your report into Microsoft Excel instead, you should be able to simply request an Excel-specific format (instead of HTML you'll get an Excel worksheet) and voila, all done!

There are a series of buttons above your report, at the top-right corner of your window. Two of those view_excel2000_single.gifview_excel2002.gif are Excel-specific formats, and one icon_result_CSV.gif is CSV which is good for mail merge functions. Another icon_result_pdf.gif generates Adobe Acrobat PDF format. So click the one you want and...

Did you see a window open for a little while (saying "report is running, please wait") and then, usually after hearing a "plink" or "dink" sound, it vanishes with no trace of your Excel document?

The trouble is, in order to generate a non-HTML page, ReportNet uses a "pop-up" window. A pop-up window should be innocuous and harmless, except aggressive advertisers have gone overboard and can literally fill your screen with dozens of annoying pop-up windows that you never requested... until your web browser crashes from requiring more resources than you've got available. This is why most modern web browsers come with a "pop-up blocker" active, to keep such pop-ups from distracting you (and from breaking your web browser). And most of these pop-up blockers are set to issue a "plink" or "dink" sound when they block one.

So we need to make sure your web browser is configured to ALLOW pop-ups but only from your ReportNet server! You don't want to turn it all the way off, or you'll get blitzed with pop-ups from rude websites. Just turn it off for your specific ReportNet server.

Internet Explorer:

  1. Tools menu -> Popup Blocker -> Popup Blocker Settings
  2. enter the web name of your reportnet server (whatever is between "http://" and the next "/")
  3. Click "OK"


  1. Tools menu -> Options -> Block Popup Windows: Allowed Sites
  2. Enter the address of your ReportNet server including "http://" through to the next "/"
  3. Click "OK" -> Click "OK"

Google Toolbar:

  1. Click the "# blocked" button to allow pop-ups on the website you're visiting (presuming you're visiting your ReportNet server)

Other toolbars

Note that there are LOTS of toolbars and other plug-ins available for web browsers these days and many of them have features to do pop-up blocking. You (or your friendly neighborhood IT folks) must disable the pop-up blocking features (just for your ReportNet server) of all these plug-ins in order to get your reports into Excel.

Here's a page to help you get started: Squelching those Popup Blockers.

Last update: 2006-06-13 13:16
Author: Will Trillich
Revision: 1.0

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