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Customized documentation -- PDF sample

We're big on context, at Serensoft.

When we create a training course for you and your staff -- we don't whip out a can-opener and plop down some prefabricated examples from a fictional manufacturer and then try to shoehorn them into an educational context. We use live data from your own system in our curriculum, based on our in-person assessment of your needs, so that the examples and screen shots aren't just abstract examples from higher education, they're actually your own data, appropriate to the skill set of your staff!

This gives our training materials an immediate context, which is extremely valuable to the learners in the class: "this isn't obscure, abstract hooey, it's our own real data!" You can follow the discussion in the materials and come up with the same exact examples, which helps reinforce processes covered in the text. No more guess work at trying to come up with parallel examples -- our examples are your examples.

Plus, if you peruse the attached document sample, you'll see that our writing style is very engaging: informative yet fun, with just enough offbeat humor to pique the learner's interest.

And before we even begin developing your curriculum, we meet with your departmental staff to determine not only where they want to be, but where they're starting from. This helps us determine what skill level to begin with, in developing your training materials.

Context, context, context!

Feel free to download a sample of our training documentation; this sample would be part of BEGINNINGS, which is our first-day introductory course. Then we follow up with FOUNDATION and then proceed on to HORIZONS. Each of these layers develops upon the context established before it; and between each, we give the students anywhere from a half day to a couple of days to tinker with the concepts they've learned... It gives them a chance to develop their own questions, which is likely to improve retention of the next session. (It also gives them a chance to catch up on their overflowing in-boxes, of course.)

Download: Acrobad PDFBeginnings DEMO Training Document

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