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Squelching those Popup Blockers

Removing Pop-Up Blockers

For some reporting setups (see Making sure Excel can open your ReportNet reports) you'll need to make sure your browser allows popup windows from your report server.

Your desktop computer may have several popup blockers in different areas -- browsers, toolbars, and firewalls. The objective is NOT to totally disable your popup blockers, but rather to enable popup windows for just certain trusted websites...

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Internet Explorer (Windows)

  1. Tools Menu
  2. Choose Pop-up Blocker Settings
  3. Add the web site you want to allow popups from

Firefox (Windows, Macintosh)

  1. Go to Tools -> Options (for Mac OS X: Firefox menu -> Preferences)
  2. Click Web Features or Content
  3. Click "Allowed Sites"
  4. Add websites you want to allow popups from

Safari (Macintosh)

  1. Open the Safari Menu and choose Preferences
  2. Open the Security Menu
  3. [[FIXME...]]

Netscape/Mozilla (Windows, Macintosh)

  1. Open the Preferences menu
    • Using Microsoft Windows, the Preferences menu is in the Edit menu
    • Using Mac OS X, the Preferences menu is in the Netscape/Mozilla menu
  2. Open the Privacy and Security Menu
  3. Select Pop Up Windows [[FIXME...]]
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  1. Browse to the site you want to allow popups from
  2. Click the "blocked" button to allow popups from the current site

Yahoo Toolbar

  1. Browse to the site you want to allow popups from
  2. Click on the yahoobar.popupblocker.png popup icon
  3. Check 'Always allow popups from...'

MSN Toolbar

  1. Click on the MSN Icon and select 'MSN Search Toolbar Options'
  2. Below 'Toolbar' on the left side, click on 'Pop-Up Blocker'
  3. [[FIXME...]]
  4. Click OK

AOL Toolbar

  1. Click on the AOL Icon to the left of the search box
  2. [[FIXME...]]

Guard IE / GuardWall

From the IE toolbar or from the System Tray:

  1. Click on Guardwall
  2. Check "always allow pop-ups/scripts from this website
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Norton Internet Security

  1. Double Click on the norton_internet_security.png Norton Icon in the System Tray
  2. Click 'Ad Blocking'
  3. [[FIXME...]]

McAfee Security Center

  1. Open McAfee Security Center -> Privacy Service
  2. Click on Options, from the categories on the left side
  3. Choose the 'Block Ads' tab
  4. [[FIXME...]]

Zone Alarm Pro/Zone Alarm Security Suite

  1. Open Zone Alarm
  2. Select Privacy -> Main
  3. In the Ad Blocking area options [[FIXME...]]

Last update: 2006-09-10 10:57
Author: will trillich
Revision: 1.0

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