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Enabling Page-Navigation Icons in Sakai

Here's a tip from Erik Froese on how to have Icons show alongside the page-tool navigation items in the Sakai interface...

By modifying the IconService theme and the CharonPortal I have page icons working in Sakai 2.3. It's pretty basic and probably needs to be tweaked so icons dont show up in certain places but the idea is there and I hope it can be useful.

Check out the screenshot!

Most of the page-navigation links have their own icons!

Instructions for setting up page-icons in Sakai.

  1. Download the IconService into your sakai source directory.

    cd src/sakai
    svn export \ \
  2. Apply the iconservice.patch attached to this email.

    cd src/sakai/Iconservice
    patch -p < iconservice.patch

    The patch fixes a big which caused the service to break for me. It also sorts the icon themes when you're browsing them. It also adds icon keys for a bunch of sakai tools. Right at the top of (the theme descriptor) you'll see:

    # Sakai Tool icons
  3. Apply the CharonPortal patch

    cd src/sakai/portal
    patch -p0 < CharonPortal.patch
  4. Rebuild and deploy sakai.

    cd src/sakai
    maven cln bld dpl
  5. Install the default theme -- copy from Iconservice/src/webapp/WEB-INF/themes/ to your sakai.home/icons/themes

    mkdir -p $CATALINA_HOME/sakai/icons/themes
    cp webapps/iconservice/WEB-INF/themes/ \
  6. Start sakai

  7. Profit!

To add more icons modify sakai.home/icons/themes/ and use the tool ids to map to icon gifs

Last update: 2007-05-10 17:02
Author: will trillich
Revision: 1.1

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