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How to join the Sakai/OSPortfolio community

If you're tinkering with Sakai or its Electronic Portfolio "Open Source Portfolio (OSP)" you might have questions -- or you might find yourself wanting to contribute back to the community (documentation, quality-assurance testing, project management, java or XML coding...)

There are many different working-groups (and discussion-groups) within the Sakai community, and they're all hosted at

  1. Browse to
  2. Along the left margin there's a "New Account" button. Create a login for yourself, and be sure you include your email address.

And zoom, "collab" will email you a confirmation email. Once you've received it, you can noodle around the website:

  1. Log in at using your new credentials
  2. Click "Memberships" along the left edge
  3. Browse "Joinable Sites" and click the ones you're interested in
  4. Visit those "worksites" and check out the tools along the left edge -- notably "email archive"

Back in your very own "My Workspace" under "Preferences" (along the left edge, again) you can configure how you want your email deliveries -- each one at a time, or all in one group as a "digest" once per day...

Then you can post emails to any of those work-groups you 'joined' (the email address for each group is on the first page you see when you 'open' that worksite) and begin collaborating!

OSP is an open-source electronic portfolio built into Sakai, which is an open-source collaboration and learning environment.

Last update: 2007-10-12 11:50
Author: will trillich
Revision: 1.2

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