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Looking for more Sakai/OSPortfolio documentation?

If you're looking to get up to speed on developing for Sakai or OSPortfolio, you'll need to understand a great deal of backstage magic. Where's the documentation?

Well, once you have the source code downloaded, you've got a whole lot of documentation already:

  • sakai-168-portlet-tool.doc
  • sakai-168-portlets.doc
  • sakai_2_conversion.doc
  • sakai_authentication.doc
  • sakai_authn_portal.doc
  • sakai_charon.doc
  • sakai_common.doc
  • sakai_component.doc
  • sakai_config.doc
  • sakai_entity.doc
  • sakai_errors.doc
  • sakai_et.doc
  • sakai_framework_guide.doc
  • sakai_group_azg.doc
  • sakai_helper_realm.doc
  • sakai_id_eid.doc
  • sakai_java_framework_2_0_0.doc
  • sakai_java_framework_2_0_0.ppt
  • sakai_logging.doc
  • sakai_maven.doc
  • sakai_mercury.doc
  • sakai_permissions.doc
  • sakai_properties.doc
  • sakai_request.doc
  • sakai_security_reg.doc
  • sakai_sessions.doc
  • sakai_site_section.doc
  • sakai_skin.doc
  • sakai_structure.doc
  • sakai_tool.doc
  • sakai_tool_destinations.doc
  • sakai_twinpeaks.doc
  • sakai_urls.doc
  • sakai_workgroup_portal.doc

These are all located in your <sakai-src-tree>/reference/docs/architectur directory already! (If you don't have the source tree, you can browse to and cruise these documents online.)

Some of the more "core" type documents are highlighted above, but you'll have your own priorities to pursue, no doubt.

You might also have a look around other subdirectories of as there's lots of goodies in there, as well.

Sakai is an open-source LMS (learning management system) or CLE (collaborative learning environment); OSP is an electronic portfolio toolkit built on top of Sakai.

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