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Avoiding DUPLICATE forms when importing OSP presentation templates

Here's another clever workflow trick from Bas Toeter:

I wanted to share this 'trick' we found with you all.

We work with a development and staging instance to figure out how to put our production portfolio together. Forms and presentation templates are created in development and then added to staging for testing.

We found that when you import forms and then import presentation templates you end up with duplicate forms because the presentation templates also contain form definitions for all forms used.

To prevent this duplication we came up with this: create a presentation template, use any xsl for it (I took passthrough.xsl). Then add all your forms to it. Export that from your development environment and import it into your staging env. All your forms are now in your staging area and they have the same id's as the ones in development. Now when you import a 'real' presentation template there is no duplication of forms anymore.

You can even delete the presentation that holds all your form. The forms remain and can be seen in the forms tool.

Hope this helps,

Sakai is a community-source or open-source CLE (collaborative learning environment) or LMS (learning management system); OSP is an electronic portfolio built into Sakai as a toolkit.

Last update: 2007-10-12 12:11
Author: will trillich
Revision: 1.2

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