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Viewing the entire ReportNet report (without page-up and page-down)

This one is easy -- first, make sure your browser allows pop-up windows, then make a PDF file!

Once your browser accepts pop-up windows from your ReportNet server, run your report and then click the icon_result_pdf.gif "view-my-report-in-PDF-format" button. Your reports start out in HTML by default (HTML is how most web pages are created) but if you tell ReportNet to create a PDF instead, you'll have it all-at-once.

How? Well, whenever you run your report, there's a handful of buttons near the top-right corner of your window. Hover your mouse pointer over them to get a quick "tooltip" describing what each does. You want the one that creates a PDF file.

Click. Simple!

Note that you can also go directly into PDF-format reports, skipping HTML altogether: in Cognos Connection, when you'd normally click the underlined name of your report to run it, instead click the trianglular action_run.gif "run with options" button over to the right. You'll usually find it nestled between the "properties" button and the "open with Report Studio" button.

After clicking "Run with options" you can specify which formats you want, whether to run it to your browser window or to save it or to email it... and much more. Cool!

Last update: 2006-12-13 11:17
Author: will trillich
Revision: 1.0

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