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Sakai install -- errors

Errors during "mvn install" when building Sakai

What's supposed to happen, is, maven's test is supposed to try to connect to port 8080 and -- since you're building Tomcat webapps, nothing is actually supposed to be running there at the moment -- when it can't connect, it skips on to the next test.

But apparently there is a process waiting for connections on port 8080. It's probably a half-lit Tomcat, limping along, doing just barely enough to wreak havoc with your maven builds.

Do a "ps axf" or "lsof -i" to see if there's a Java process listening on port 80. If so, that's likely to be the culprit. Make sure you don't need it then "kill" it -- and try "mvn install" again.

These are for Sakai 2.6.x and later.

Last update: 2009-07-15 00:27
Author: will trillich
Revision: 1.0

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