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Differences between ReportNet and Cognos Series 8?

There are many differences between ReportNet (Cognos Series 7) and Series 8. Here are some of the most noteworthy:

ReportNet (Series 7)Series 8
Web based interfaceWeb based interface
One server to maintain and upgradeOne server to maintain and upgrade
Every drill-thru is hand-carved into each reportYou can still set up per-report drill-thru's of course, but now you can create common drill-paths into the model!
Dimensions can be incorporated into the model, affecting report resultsDimensions and levels in a Series 8 model can affect reporting, but also provide automatic drill-down (think year->month->day or country->state->city)
Query Studio has an annoying bug: after creating a filter, often the model stops respondingAll fixed in Series 8 Query Studio
Can't create templates in Report StudioCAN create templates in Report Studio!
Query Studio often takes up to ten seconds before responding to a new filterQuery Studio in Series 8 responds very quickly in almost every situation
PowerPlay is a separate application that can be hooked into ReportNetSeries 8 has "Analysis Studio" built in, which takes the place of PowerPlay -- plus it's friendlier, with a web interface
Transformer is a separate application to develop dimensional/cube-based reportsAll the functionality of transformer is built in to Series 8 Framework Manager
Two basic report types: List and CrosstabReport Studio now offers Chart and Financial report types as well
Report Studio can do lots of things, but NOT an outer join on an interim querySeries 8 Report Studio can "outer join" temporary/interim queries easily -- union, intersect and more!

There are more differences than just these few, of course, but these might help pique your interest in the next generation of Cognos "Business Intelligence" reporting tools.

If you're interesting in seeing it in action, we can arrange a quick Higher-Education demo for you.

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